A Recap of America Recycles Day

Last Friday was America Recycles Day—an anticipated event by everyone at Hilex Poly as it shines a light on a nationwide effort to promote and educate people about recycling. This year we were elated to see how many people mentioned plastic bag recycling! 

Environmental blog Earth 911 and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries held a great Twitter chat Friday to discuss the challenges consumer have to recycle. Hilex Poly was able to participate in the chat and shared tips for reusing and recycling plastic bags. Other participants shared ideas for reusing plastic bags and facts about the benefits of plastic bags (check out the #ScrapChat hashtag to view the tweets that were shared during the chat). 

Environmental blog Inheriting Our Planet featured a post that mentions our plastic bag recycling facility and some facts about plastic bags that often go overlooked. The post also includes a video from our recycling facility in North Vernon. This blog post gives a great overview of plastic bag recycling, especially for those who are unaware of the environmental advantages of plastic bags.    

More plastic bags will be recycled and diverted from landfills if we continue to educate folks that plastic bags are recyclable. 

Events like America Recycles Day remind us of why Hilex strives to make recycling plastic bags and film accessible, easy and convenient for Americans across the country. It’s so important that consumers and businesses work together to educate one another on how to properly recycle plastic bags.