Bag-2-Bag Plastic Retail Carryout Bag Wins 2012 Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award

Last week we were excited to learn that our Bag-2-Bag Plastic Retail Carryout Bag was the recipient of a 2012 Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award in Environmental & Sustainability Achievement! It is a great honor for Hilex Poly to win this award given the 86 flexible packaging entries this year.

The Bag-2-Bag recycled plastic retail carryout bag is created using post-consumer plastic bags and other HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE flexible packaging films and wraps from the household. Through our Bag-2-Bag recycling program at more than 30,000 retail stores throughout the country, we collect plastic bags, sacks and wraps, which are then gathered into bales and transported to the Hilex recycling center in North Vernon, Indiana. Our employees at the facility then clean and recycle the used bags into raw material for manufacturing new bags. Compared to conventional bags, the Bag-2-Bag requires 20% less energy to produce, lowers carbon emissions by 11%, diverts millions of pounds from landfills each year, and provides sustainability conscious consumers a closed loop carryout package. To watch a video about how Hilex Poly turns old plastic bags into new ones, click here.

Our Bag-2-Bag Plastic Retail Carryout Bag was one of 25 packages honored with 31 Achievement Awards within one or more categories including Packaging Excellence, Printing Achievement, Technical Innovation, and Environmental & Sustainability Achievement. The 2012 Achievement Awards were presented during the 2012 FPA Welcome & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Dinner last Wednesday, which was held in conjunction with the 2012 FPA Annual Meeting.

Thank you to the Flexible Packaging Association, its members and the competition judges for awarding Hilex Poly with this recognition! For more information on the Bag-2-Bag Plastic Retail Carryout Bag, the Bag-2-Bag program and the 2012 FPA Achievement Awards, click here.