Girl Scouts Recognized for Collecting 5,000 Plastic Bags for Recycling

We’re incredibly proud of Girl Scout Troop 5295 from Justin, Texas, who collected a whopping 5,000 plastic bags for recycling. The girls rallied together around recycling and encouraged their classmates to participate and help clean up the local environment. But when the girls realized that they may not be able to drop off their collected bags at a grocery store because of the high volume they had collected, they reached out to us.
When we first learned about this troop’s efforts to collect plastic bags, we were so excited. We wanted to do whatever we could to support their efforts and show them exactly how the recycling process works. After connecting with their troop leader, my colleague Mark Daniels invited the group to Hilex’s recycling facility in Carrollton to show them the behind-the-scenes process of how their bags would be repurposed into new items.
While at our facility, the girls were able to see the different machines that melt and process the bags and learn about the many items plastic bags can be recycled into.
The great initiative and effort shown by these girls is truly admirable. We are always thrilled to see young people learning the importance of recycling and taking on challenges that will help our future. Thank you again, Troop 5295!
To learn more about the troop’s work and their visit to our Carrollton facility, take a look at this video.