Hilex Makes Its Way to the Slopes!

At the end of this week, I will be on my way to meet with members of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns to discuss new opportunities to support plastic bag recycling.
I think it’s great that the association is interested in taking steps to support a process that reduces litter and promotes recycling, which are two purposes that are equally important to Hilex Poly and continues to be a driver for our Bag-2-Bag Program. These steps towards environmental stewardship are admirable and deserve recognition.
It’s great to see more organizations make an effort to support sustainable programs that not only benefit residents but also benefits the environment. Through programs such as our Bag-2-Bag recycling program, plastic that may have eventually ended up as waste or litter is diverted and used to create a number of items, including new plastic bags.
I hope that this trend continues and that together the industry and local organizations can work together to find real solutions to reducing litter and reusing plastic in a responsible manner. It’s a  win-win situation for the environment and your town!