Hilex Poly and Duke University Fellow: An Energy Efficient Collaboration

Hilex Poly is proud to have participated in the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Climate fellowship program, which places graduate students from various Universities at companies as “energy problem solvers.” The EDF Climate Corps fellows have found an average of $1 million in energy savings for each participant.
This past year, Hilex Poly was proud to host John Culver, a program fellow from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, who identified energy efficiency opportunities at Hilex Poly’s plastic bag recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana. You can read more about John’s time at Hilex here.
Being energy efficient by developing sustainable business practices is important to everyone at Hilex Poly and can be seen through our efforts with our award-winning Bag-2-Bag recycling program. It was an absolute honor for all of us to host John this year and we are incredibly thankful for all of the recommendations we have implemented into our business.
Visit the EDF’s website to learn more about the program and what great work the fellows have completed.