Hilex Poly Employee Awarded Leader of the Year Award

Our employees often go above and beyond their daily work to reveal a passion for what they do here at Hilex. Working with so many individuals who constantly exceed the roles expected of them in our manufacturing and recycling facilities is a true honor and makes me proud to be a Hilex employee. What is also gratifying to know is that I’m not the only person who appreciates individuals for going the extra mile.
My colleague Mark Daniels, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Environmental Affairs, was recently awarded with the Leader of the Year Award by The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) for his work in plastics and recycling. Mark has been instrumental in many of the successes we’ve had at Hilex.
Mark exemplifies all of the qualifications needed to receive this honor: he is constantly on the road speaking to community leaders about new research in plastics and recycling, he spends time in the community speaking with residents and works hand-in-hand with colleagues by supporting their efforts.
In addition to having an everlasting work ethic, Mark is able to achieve these accomplishments with the support of our team of individuals at Hilex. We all rely on each other heavily and wouldn’t be able to complete our jobs unless others fulfill their roles. So when one of our employees is recognized, we see it as a true testament to just how great our company is, and how much our work can make a difference in the community.