How Does Your Grocery Store Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween bag

Halloween is just around the corner, with kids and parents getting their costumes ready for the big night. Here at Hilex Poly, we are getting ready for Halloween as well!

You may have noticed that your local grocer has joined in on the Halloween festivities by packaging your recent purchases in plastic bags printed with festive images. Each year we are able to provide our customers with customized plastic bags specific for this holiday, which not only can contain images but also tips to remember on Halloween, like the ones printed on the image of the bag below.

By distributing these bags, grocers not only help their customers celebrate All Hallow’s Eve but also provide customers with a festive carrier that can be used an assortment of ways on Halloween night.

And remember, if you choose to reuse your plastic bags this Halloween, make sure your return clean bags to your local grocer so that it can be properly recycled.

Are you planning to reuse your plastic bags this Halloween? Tell us how you are going to reuse them on our Facebook wall! You can also share images of how you are reused your plastic bags by emailing them to us at


Halloween bag