Independence Day: How Do You Show Your Patriotism?

Between the celebratory cookouts and traditional firework displays – Fourth of July is always a highly anticipated and important summer milestone. This year, as you’re out buying food and supplies try to think about how you can properly use plastic bags both at the store (like making sure you use plastic bags to separate and wrap meat products) and at home (by using and re-using your bags before, during, and after the Fourth). Check out some other ideas from a blog post I wrote in May about the different ways to reuse and recycle plastic bag this summer.

As we celebrate our independence and freedom, let’s also keep in mind the 30,000 Americans that work hard to create and recycle plastic bags, wraps, and other film products. As a result of their efforts, consumers have access to durable and sustainable products, which are manufactured and recycled right here in America.

Enjoy the holiday, everyone!