Keep(ing) America Beautiful

As I mentioned in a previous post, Hilex recently attended the Keep America Beautiful conference in Washington, DC at the end of January. I had the honor of being one of many guests who attended the conference and got to meet individuals from across the country who are committed to reducing and reusing plastics. And as I reflect back on the event, one word comes to mind that summarizes my experience—terrific!

I was surrounded by so many individuals who are doing great work to ensure that our county remains beautiful while working to reduce litter. While I was there, I even had an opportunity to meet members from Keep Virginia Beautiful and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. Both groups are doing outstanding work, especially in the world of recycling. Take a moment and visit their websites to see what efforts they have made to keep our country beautiful.

I was also able to attend a few panel discussions while I was at the conference. During one discussion about recycling, I overheard people praising Hilex for its Bag-2-Bag Program and discussing plastic recycling programs across the country! There’s nothing more humbling to know that the work Hilex does is being recognized and appreciated. Overhearing this conversation made me extremely proud to be a part of such an amazing company and made the trip to the conference an unforgettable one!

Over the course of 2012, Hilex will continue to work to be a responsible and environmentally-conscious steward and we will be rolling out new Bag-2-Bag programs across the country. I look forward to highlighting some of these new programs in the coming months and I encourage you to work with local businesses and cities to join us in reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic so we can keep America beautiful!