Plastic Bag Recycling Programs Across the Country

Through our Bag-2-Bag program, Hilex has partnered with retailers to establish 30,000 plastic bag recycling bins at local supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the country, making recycling easier and more convenient for consumers. While we are proud to recycle over 20 million pounds of post-consumer plastic bags, sacks and wraps at our North Vernon facility alone, there are other great programs run by other organizations throughout the U.S. that recycle plastic bags, wraps, and sacks as well.

A few plastic bag recycling programs that I wanted to recognize in this post include:

  • Bag Central Station is a program introduced in Phoenix, Arizona in 2007 in collaboration with the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance (AFMA) and the city of Phoenix Public Works Department. The program accepts grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, department store bags, shrink wrap, and plastic film.
  • Build With Bags is a program started by the Iowa Grocery Industry Association, Keep Iowa Beautiful, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Metro Waste Authority. Along with recycling plastic bags, Build With Bags has a grant program which provides schools and parks the opportunity to receive funds for recycled plastic playground equipment, benches, and tables.
  • A Bag’s Life is a program that connects the community with organizations focused on promoting the recycling, reducing and reuse of plastic bags. The program’s website allows visitors to identify nearby plastic bag recycling locations and participating retail partners of the program.

The more we can do to partner with and educate consumers, the more likely we are to keep plastic bags, wraps and sacks within the recycling stream. Once recycled, plastic bags can be turned into a number of new and useful items, including backyard decking, playground equipment and, of course, new plastic bags.