Recyclable or Not?

It’s great to hear from people who are curious about plastic bag recycling. For these individuals, often times they are unaware of the types of plastic film that they can recycle. Some retailers and recycling centers do not accept every type of plastic, which gives Hilex Poly a unique opportunity to work with these companies and individuals to do a little more.

I want to draw attention to one particular case when a person reached out to us and asked some really great questions about our recycling capabilities. Amanda from Love Apples discovered one day that she might be missing opportunities to recycle plastic bags like frozen food bags. We were excited that Amanda reached out to us with some questions about our Bag-2-Bag® program and we worked with her to help answer some of her questions.  You can read her blog post here where she also featured our responses.

You might have discovered that you too have questions about what you can and cannot drop off in our collection bins. Fortunately, I wrote a blog post on this issue that may be helpful. I encourage you to check it out and feel free to ask questions on our Facebook page!

Happy Recycling!