WasteWise Program Helps Hilex Track 15% Increase in Use of Post-Consumer Recycled Content

This week the WasteWise reporting period will close and we are happy to announce that again, for the third year in a row, Hilex Poly has submitted annual data to the program to support our internal waste reduction efforts.

WasteWise is a voluntary EPA program intended to help organization’s set and meet goals to reduce and recycle municipal solid waste and selected industrial wastes. Hilex specifically joined WasteWise to track our recycled content data, which we are excited to announce has continued to increase!

Thanks to the great support from WasteWise and the many tools the program provides to follow our waste reduction progress, from 2010 to 2011, Hilex increased its use of post-consumer recycled content by 15%. Even more exciting, the average recycled content included in all Hilex products is now 30%, growing 5% year over year in 2011.

Our great progress is due in large part to our successful Bag-2-Bag recycling program, which provides more than 30,000 recycling bins at retailers throughout the U.S. for consumers to recycle their plastic bags, sacks and wraps. Those recycled bags, sacks and wraps are then turned into new bags at Hilex’s recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana through the process shown in this video and in this blog post. Thanks to consumers who continue to recycle their used plastic bags, sacks and wraps, which help us reduce the amount of waste in the waste stream and increase the amount of recycled content used in our products!