Wise about Waste

I’m sure you have seen businesses’ claim to have a sustainable product or business, but how do you determine what that actually means? Thankfully, the EPA developed a program that helps answer this question and lays out the guidelines for running a sustainable business.
The EPA’s Wastewise program assists businesses and other groups in applying sustainable management practices to reduce solid waste that occurs when manufacturing products. Reducing waste and creating a sustainable practice has always been one of Hilex Poly’s goals and Hilex is very proud to have participated in this program for the past three years.
Last year, Hilex’s recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana, processed more than 18 million pounds of plastic films and bags through its Bag 2 Bag program and partners. The result was that we were able to achieve over 30 percent of total recycled content in our operations last year. This means that Hilex was able to divert waste from going to landfills, and use post-consumer plastics (including the plastic collected from grocery store collection bins, like the ones used in our Bag-2-Bag Recycling program),  to make new products including new plastic bags.
These are great numbers and Hilex is always looking to help improve our recycling efforts across the nation. This means consumers and businesses should encourage each other to dispose of waste properly and practice sustainable behaviors across the board. We are proud to have participated with the EPA Wastewise program and look forward to continuing to work with the EPA to apply sustainable management practices across our Hilex facilities and highlight the importance of sustainability to our partners in our local communities.