Gray is the New Green

NOVOLEX™ Hilex Poly brand Gray is the New Green Bags Make a Powerful Statement About the Environment with Recycled Content

Did you know that most plastic shopping bags made from virgin (first use) plastic are typically white in color?
In contrast, plastic shopping bags made partially or totally from recycled resin recovered from used bags are gray, buff or blue. Actually higher recycled content is symbolized by darker colors. These darker colored bags are more environmentally friendly or “green” because they can be made from recycled plastic bags, a good use for old bags that keeps them out of landfills and helps reduce litter.

How Much Recycled Content Can Go into a Bag?

NOVOLEX™ can put up to 100% recycled content.  In 2014 we averaged over 30% recycled content in all of our plastic retail bags with many bags having 50% or greater content. As we have helped to grow plastic bag and film recycling across the country we have increased our average level per bag in each of the past 8 years.

NOVOLEX™ makes it easy to “go green”,or as we say,”go gray”. All of our bags are recyclable. Our environmentally friendly plastic bags have a printed message on the bag that lets consumers know it’s a green solution.

Why is Post-Consumer Recycled Resin Gray or Tan?

When NOVOLEX™ recycles plastic bags and film they are made of individual colors and prints.  When all of these colors mix together they turn tan or gray.  Picture a kid who is finger painting, as they swirl colors together over time they turn to either gray or tan, much like post-consumer plastic bags.

Aren’t Bags Made From Recycled Content Lower in Quality?

NO! Bags made from post-consumer content pass the exact same quality tests as bags made from virgin material.